Bust of a Roman Popularis Politician Tiberius Gracchus
A copy of a Roman Popularis politician Tiberius Gracchus.

Assassinated 133 BC

Sold without Pedestal.
c. 1990
Tiberius Sempronius Gracchus was born c. 169–164 – c. 133 BC and was a Roman Popularis politician of the 2nd century BC, together with Gaius Gracchus, one of the Gracchi brothers. As a plebeian tribune, he caused political turmoil in the Republic with his reforms of agrarian legislation that sought to transfer wealth from the wealthy, patricians and otherwise, to the poor. These reforms threatened the holdings of rich landowners in Italy. He was murdered, along with many of his supporters, by members of the Roman Senate and supporters of the conservative Optimate faction.
Height30.00 inch(76.2 cm)

Width22.00 inch(55.9 cm)

Depth11.00 inch(27.9 cm)
Ref No. 7089
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