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George Morant (d. 1846) established the firm of Morant, Boyd & Morant in 1790 at 88 New Bond Street, London. It continued to flourish and expand throughout the nineteenth century. By 1852 the firm was known as Morant & Boyd and had premises at 91 New Bond Street, but moved again by 1858 to 81 New Bond Street.

The firm produced exceptional exhibition-quality furniture and participated at many of the international exhibitions of the period, including the 1851 Great Exhibition in London and the 1853 New York World Fair, becoming one of the most successful cabinet-makers of the mid-nineteenth century.

Morant applied successfully for Royal Appointment at the beginning of Queen Victoria's reign on the recommendation of the Duchess of Gloucester.

Amongst Morant's clients were members of the Royal Family, the Marquess of Londonderry at Wynward Park, Durham, and the Duke of Sutherland at Stafford House, London (now Lancaster House). At Mamhead Park in Devon Morant supplied Boulle furniture, as well as a state bed for Queen Adelaide's visit.


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